7.5.20 improvements - 2 questions

Hi - have we heard anything definitive (or suggestive, even), regarding the official stated changes/improvements mentioned in the upcoming 7.5.20 updates?

  1. “Control Room Improvements”
  • ?
  1. “Audiowarping in the Sample Editor now works as expected.”
  • I wonder is this going to be the fix for what people have been mentioning about having out-of-sync results when they bounce down their Elastique changes?

Regarding point 1 :-

Thanks, Puma0382!

Release date just around the corner … nobody has a link to a Steinberg url for further clarification?


Hi Brihar - thanks for the link, but that was where I copied/quoted from in my OP :slight_smile:

Was wondering if we’ve heard anything since then …

Thanks again, though!

HI Alexis, I found it hard to believe you would have missed it, but I linked it anyway. :wink:
That link is the only “official” statement.
I’d just keep watching that thread, It will no doubt be updated or replaced on release at the earliest.