7.5.20. Project window toolbar: Additional buttons ?


Where can I find these “Additional buttons” ? I was hope there will be more transport buttons there. And it will be no longer need to open a transport (F2). But it seems I was wrong (again) :slight_smile:

Agreed, where are the “Additional buttons”? :sunglasses:



+1. Always at least one vague ‘feature’ in Cubase updates. If they added buttons… just say which ones.

Unless there are prizes involved, I really don’t find this sort of hunting entertaining.

From the update PDF:

Project window toolbar: Additional buttons
A global “Listen” and “Suspend Automation” on/off button
has been added as well as a “Automation Follow Events”
on/off button.

I like, that “automation follows event” can be found easily now :slight_smile:


I would like everything thats on the floating transport to be available on the project tool bar area up top please!