7.5.3 soon?

It’s been about 4 months without anymore bug fixes, 7.5.30 are you on it Steinberg?

Apologizes if it’s been mentioned already. :slight_smile:


Cubase 8 id say will be with us by December!

Yes cant wait to start beta testing again! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

Really? You could wait.

Still waiting for version 7 to be fixed…

And that is related to Cubase 7.5 somehow?

They just can’t leave the C7/7.5 cycle were it is at now IMO. That would be considered un-serious business.

They also has the Nuendo 6.5 coming way before C8 (Q3 is announced, but…).

Prior to that they also should have time for both C7.5.3 and 7.5.4 if they want to. Lot’s of “fixes” to be done in C7 (dead and buried, so not gonna happen) and in C7.5 (soon dead and buried???).

They just can’t gather all remaining “fixes” and merge it into C8 (for money that is).

if they did a serious bug-fix for 7.5.2 then it could become one of the great Cubase releases. Something rock-solid and stable for years of use to come. Its certainly one of my dreams.

I only hope that Steinberg see the benefit in making a truly solid solid version of Cubase…with no issues, and make a 7.5.3…or even 7.5.5. The reputation of that “special” update version of Cubase that is really stable for everyone without any problems, and all issues resolved and all functions fully operational that can be trusted like a best friend in the thick of battle (ie in the highest pressure session) resonates throughout the industry and really helps with sales and the brand overall. Just like the last release of Cubase 6 did. (and why so many people are still back on ver 6). I hope they see this as a GOOD THING to do.

but i fear they will just “let it ride” and then the bug fixes will arrive in 8.00 which will come with its own next set of bugs and problems and the drama will just tumble on …and on…and on…

Do you have any idea as to the number of hardware permutations there are out there and you expect Steinberg to create an update that is really stable for everyone without any problems? Not to mention the software people run.

Steinberg do a remarkable job as it is with Cubase. Show me the Logic, PT or any other forum that doesn’t have issues with their software.


so just leave the bugs in there is what youre sayin Maincat? just release 7.00 and thats good enough? theres always gonna be bugs and hardware problems so dont bother even trying? because all the other DAWs have bugs ? thats your excuse? close enough is good enough?

Steinberg have done an excellent job in the past few years and have moved closer to the goalposts with their revisions than ever before. they are certainly to be congratulated for their hard work. But they do seem to “pull up on the reigns” a bit too soon …when sometimes one more revision before moving on to the next major release could have nailed things completely. Thats all im saying.

i did say it was my Dream to have a rock-solid stable and totally bug-free Cubase. a guy can dream cant he?


No, I’m saying what’s in my post. Of course there are bugs - no software created yet is perfect. If you don’t like Steinberg, use something else. You won’t be any happier.

It’s not a question of unrealistic goals, its a question of relative stability of this version compared to previous ones. An example of a really solid release is Cubase 5.5.3. To have an equivalent update with v7.5 would be great, but right now there is still a huge list of confirmed bugs with 7.5 which affect everybody.

I think we will definitely see at least 1 more update to 7.5 though, possibly 2, just a question of when.

that is just a lame comment. and an attempt to flame. Its not what i was getting at. Im sure others reading this thread understand my point, trying to spur on Steinberg to strive for perfection not just excellence. telling people who might make a comment about bugs to essentially “bugger off and use some other DAW if ya dont like it” is just pathetic and im sure its not the sentiments of Steinberg.



I’m not trying to flame - you just seem to be unable to fully understand the points made in my post. Now I’m not going to patronise you - we all know there are bugs. We also know there’s millions of lines of code in Cubase to satisfy the increasing demands and expectations of users. I’ve worked closely with programmers and written application manuals, so I have an appreciation of what it takes. And frankly, what’s wrong with the statement ‘If you don’t like Steinberg, use something else.’? Seems obvious to me. It’s far from pathetic.

So, I’m done here - write what you like, I’m making music with the application I grown with since 1989. Have fun, chill out a bit and make some music yourself.

No news about 7.5.3?
Unfortunately 7.5.2 is unusable for me due of this issue:
It’s promised to be fixed the next update, so I’m waiting…