7.5.3 won't play audio tracks, but audition tool does SOLVED

Hi all,

I recently migrated to a new PC system ( should show in the sig) and reinstalled the whole works.
Now, a strange thing on Cubase 7 as well as 7.5.3 happens: Audio tracks are not played, everything else is ( synth plugins, instrument tracks etc).
The weird thing:

  1. They play when I audition them with the speaker tool
  2. The play when I switch to the generic Asio driver
  3. They play OK in Cubase 5 ( same digidesign driver and 002 rack unit)

so far I tried, going through all the connections, devices, no result.
I’d first suspect the digidesign driver , but as it works in C5 with it, I conclude it’s something related to C7.5.3.

Maybe I’m missing something here, so all suggestions and help are welcome…

The issue is solved. I tried several older for the Digi 002 rack, and finally landed on 8.0.4b, an old beta version from 2010 (!), which actually solved all the problems. :mrgreen: