7.5.30 opening projects+freezes

This is happening frequently since installing the latest 7.5.30 update.
After I close a project then try opening another using the menu, Cubase, all programs & my computer freeze up.

Can’t close Cubase & have to restart my computer.

Anyone else, suggestions?

Really, if that’s happening you should start in Safe Start mode and select Disable program preferences. If the problem is gone, close and restart Cubase in Safe Start mode again and select Delete program preferences.

This deletes the Defaults.xml file.

Thanks Steve,

I’ll give that a try.

Well, no luck with deleting program preferences.
Very frustrating, I’m doing a restore to the previous version…

Sorry… Did you try the draconian rename-the-preferences folder? Anyway, you have to get back to work, so yes, restore. If there are are issues with the update we’ll be hearing about them and hopefully their solutions over the next days…

No, I didn’t know I had to rename it too.
I rolled back & it’'s working fine as before.

Thanks for the help…

Often you don’t. The relatively new Safe Start mode gets rid of the main prefs file, Defaults.xml, but there can be problems with other files too.

Removing Defaults.xml does the least damage to your customized settings, hiding the entire prefs folder makes Cubase rebuild everything.

I am hoping for a better system for saving and resetting prefs in the future!

Glad you are back up and running!

I thought I might mention this for anyone having this problem who hasn’t heard-
Steinberg did identify this as a problem related to the September 2014 patch tuesday updates from Microsoft. The suggested temporary solution is to open Cubase without opening a project, and go directly to preferences and un-checking “Use Steinberg Hub”. This solved the crash problem for me. I’ll be checking in for a permanent solution once the problem is sorted.


Here is the thread from the knowledge base:


Where is it documented what is saved in the Defaults.xml file? I never know what I am loosing when this is deleted. In Cubase 8 MediaBay it stopped showing all my Defined Locations and removing all the files related to MediaBay did nothing but as soon as I removed the Defaults.xml file all my MediaBay results were back.

This is not all that descriptive and the manual says nothing about it https://www.steinberg.net/jp/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/cubase-and-nuendo-program-preferences-files-in-detail/kb_back/2025.html . I have been keeping my own logs of what the files do in a spreadsheet as I experience different problems and through experimentation but not the best approach sometimes.

There are of course a million threads that advise to remove this file and I have had to do this on several occasions but would like more information if you know of any.

Things I have noticed that I have lost is all my recent projects in the
-New project dialog (the projects themselves are of course still fine)
-all of my device setup configurations, all my MCU, AppleRemote both of which can’t be exported, generic remotes etc. Although MIDI Port settings aren’t removed with the Defaults.xml file in Device setup.
-VST Connections setup (Inputs, Outputs, Control Room etc.) though I can still restore from saved configurations