7.5.30 VI fixes THANK YOU!

Thx Steinberg for the great VI fixes in .30!
In particular not having Frozen VI’s come up with the locked is great. And having VI presets remember their output assignments is huge for me. Both of these will speed up my workflow significantly.

Now if we could only get a “Freeze/Unfreeze all Selected Tracks” command I would be falling out of my chair in delight. This would save me literally hours each week. :wink:

So when I originally posted I had only tried single output VI’s.
It seems that Track Presets only remember the output setting for the first output? Multi-out VI’s seem to still not have their outputs after the primary output saved in a track preset.

They also don’t seem to remember Sends for any outputs after the primary one. It DOES remember FX and Strip settings, but Sends are wiped out.

Is this correct or am I doing something wrong?