7.5.40 Weirdness #1: Unreliable Automation

Recently updated to 7.5.40, and some things have caught my attention. None of them are consistent, meaning I can try to reproduce the problem several times, and it might show up only a few of those.

This one is about automaton. I’ll find that as a project plays, it’s not uncommon for some automation changes to not be read. This is actually very worrisome, because some of those automation changes are not hugely obvious, and can be easily missed in the heat of the mixing moment. Then, while listening after rendering you realize it’s off … big time sink.

Anyone else noticing this, or have any suggestions?

Thanks -

What I see sometimes is this:

MIDI event on ch. 5 from bars 9 > 16
Play transport from bar 9, and write 80 > 96 vol. auto @ bar 12 on ch. 5
To listen back, play transport from bar 9, stopping at bar 16, and the results are satisfactory
Play transport from beginning to bar 4 to do some other work
Play transport from bar 6, and at bar 9, MIDI ch. 5 is too loud.

What happened? The fader - which was at 96 when you played and stopped @ bar 16 - moved back to 80 when you played from the beginning… but Cubase didn’t tell the instrument to move it’s volume slider accordingly.

Is this what you are seeing? I see this sometimes, but it’s inconsistent, and I can’t repro it. Maybe I could if I tried hard enough…

The solution here is to put a node at bar 8 (or at some point right before bar 9) so the instrument is told to move it’s
volume slider accordingly.


Hi Jeff!

Thanks for your reply.

Similar, but with some differences: Mine are in audio tracks, and group/FX tracks. Also, I am in the habit of putting a node at the start and end to bracket the changes, so at least in this circumstance that isn’t the solution.

Yes, it’s a bit frustrating, if only because it’s not entirely reproducible, the inconsistency makes it too easy to be lulled into a sense of false security!