7.5 and Hidden tracks in Eucon

:question: Question on version 7.5: the problem of hidden tracks that do not hide in the Avid Artist Mix (Euphonix) - and I guess in all EuCon devices - is it fixed?


yes, it doesn’t hide… :frowning:

Yes, very annoying. Hidden tracks are still shown on Artist series devices.


Cheers, Ernst

Any news concerning an update for the eucon adapter in cubase 7.5 in the near future? It would be very nice to have accsess to the dynamic section in the mixer for example. And of course the hidden track feature is a must have…in Sequoia 12 this feature is already available…i hope steinberg will continue to support these controllers.

In Artist Mix:

  • Select a channel
  • Select Dyn (Shift + Dyn/EQ Button) - Now you see the first dyn plugin
  • Push Flip/Channel button, now you can see all the dynamic processors in the channel

If you want to see channel Strip:

  • Hold Shift Key + Input/Inserts Button - Now you see the first Channel Strip Module
  • Push Flip/Channel Button - Now you see all Channel Strips Modules

I hope this helps you!

Hi there! :slight_smile:

You can try this and see if that fix it.


  1. Got to the “mix console”.

  2. In the top Right of the “mixer” you see a arrow.

  3. Left “click” and in the bottom of the MENU you see “Link MixConsoles”

  4. Activate all “mark” or unmark and “mark” again. (they should be marked)

  5. Done

    If it works as attended to do you will see that the Cubase 7.5 MIXER and AVID Eucon hardware’s sync now.
    Hidden tracks stay hidden and also banking thru tracks with help of the hardware controller stays in sync with Cubase 7 mixer view.

    Best Regards
    Freddie :slight_smile:

Hi everybody, thanks for your replies!

@ maaaquemeseyo

I’m already aware of getting accsess to the channelstrip of each channel with the controllsurface. The problem is, that some features are not supported rightnow: you can alter the channel eq via the artist mix, but you have no access to some new channlefeatures like the build in compressor or the saturator in the strip menu (which has no button on the controllsurface of the artis mix, i know :wink: ) and i would like to enter them via eucon. Maybe there is a way, but im not a programmer, so i don’t have a clue how hard it is to implement. :stuck_out_tongue:

For example: if you collaps all your mixstructur above the faders you can expand them by pressing the representive button on the controllsurface like

Input (surface) = ‘Pre’ (Mixer),
Inserts (Surface) = Inserts (Mixer),
EQ (Surface) = Eq (Mixer),
Dyn (Surface) = NOT CONNECTED…that’s what i ment.

I also noticed, that you can expand ‘Pre’ (Mixer) with Input AND Mix (both Surface). But you can’t collaps them afterwards, it stays expanded until you collaps it with the mouse. Which is a bit annoying. it would be nice to toggle it via Artis Mix just for the overview.

In the Channel Inspector, it behaves a little different. You can collapse your expanded structur just by pressing the not supported button (like Mix on the Surface). Group also collapses it, beause it’s visible in the main overview where the routinge takes place etc.

@ Freddy H

I tried that, but it says ‘no MixConsole Window to Link’ in brackets. Did i miss something? I only use one MixConsolewindow…



Hi, Tomess, the fact is that actually you CAN access to the strip menu (to the building compressor or the saturator)

Once you select a channel you have to:

In the Artis Mix surface:

  • Keep Shift button pressed
  • While you keep your Shift button pressed, press the Input/Insert button for about 3 seconds.
  • Release Input/Insert Button, after that release the Shift button

Voilá, your in the Strip Menu (You’ll see the Gate of the strip)

Now, if you press Flip/Chan (without Shift) you’ll see in the display, the Gate, Comp, EQ, Trans, Sat y Limit (in the display)
After that if you press the two config buttons you’ll access to the strip config menu and you can load by example magneto in the sat strip.

Hope I can help you! :wink:

BTW if you want to access to Quick Controls all you have to do is:

  • Keep pressed DYN/EQ button for about 3 seconds. When you release it you’ll access to the Quick Controls.


Nice, it worked!! Thanks a lot!!
How did you find out? Is there a manual update or did you just try and error?


Hi, maybe we could suggest a “how eucon works” Manual… for all the Artist Controllers.

I am repeatedly estonished … there are many things that work which are merely not documented.

Please Steinberg, provide a comprehensive documentation for the Artist series in conjunction with Cubase!


I completely agree, I’ve learned so much I didn’t know from this little thread.



back to the original Post: I tried the tip with the “Link Mixers”, but here still there is no synchnronisation among the cubase mixer(s) and the Artist devices I use (Mc Mix and Mx Control).

Freddy H… can you tell me the Version of Eucon that you use? OR do you have any other idea ?

Cheers, Ernst

It didn’t worked for me too…

I’ve tried it with different Mixers (1&2: 1&3; 2&3, all together) opened and closed, but it didn’t change anything, like i said in my post before…

Freddy H, tell us your secret cheat :wink:


Elien wrote:
Hi, maybe we could suggest a “how eucon works” Manual… for all the Artist Controllers.

I am repeatedly estonished … there are many things that work which are merely not documented.

Please Steinberg, provide a comprehensive documentation for the Artist series in conjunction with Cubase!



Hello all,

Bellow you can find a link to the official reply regarding this matter.

Best regards,

Hi Guillermo,

many thanks for the hint and Information. I read it, but I do not understand: Does ist mean that the mixer mirror Feature will be implemented with Eucon 3 - the Version that we all have in use? Or am I confusing something (Eucon Version vs. EuContro Version?). What does the Information mean in Terms of time?

Thank you for a short reply.


PS.: I had to laugh about the insisting in “this is no bug”. You are of course right, if you use the typical software-engineer’s view at “what a bug is” (= Everything that works as designed/documented is NOT a bug). I think it is not important whether something is a bug in that sense or not - because it is not about “legal Terms” or about Money. From the user standpoint it is all about “does it make sense” ;o)


I cannot give you a timeframe now, I thought that was clear, sorry about that. The current EuCon adapter is version 2.
Version 3 has not been delivered yet.

Best regards,