7.5 ASIO Performance

Hitting 7.5 hard with lots of Guitar Rig, RealLPC and RealStrat (5 instances overall) and ASIO performance is < 25% at a VERY low buffer setting… Unless I am missing something ASIO performance seems much improved over 7.0x.

7.5 ASIO also seems to perform a bit better here on my setup, nice :slight_smile:


Either of you gentlemen running Ozone5 when you say this? Actually, do you have a plugin count and brand name you could share? Thanks.


No Ozone in my rig, sorry…

MusicLab RealLPC - Three instances
MusicLab RealStrat - Two instances
Guitar Rig 5 w/Reflektor reverbs (I am only mentioning this because Reflektor is so resource-intensive) - Six instances (one on bass)