7.5 at last.

So it’s here, and it’s a promising start to the day :smiley:

Installing on a clean Mavericks drive. :slight_smile:

Steinberg Site appears to be non responsive over here in NY and when I do get to the site, it has a messages saying it is down for maintenance. I guess everyone is trying to upgrade at the same time…

Yes, I’m trying to. Failed a couple of times.

Not the installation or the use of it… the step before it… actually buying it is failing on me! hehe

Can’t believe the site won’t load… :cry:

I feel like I’m part of an DDoS attack :laughing:

Haha, we ARE the DDOS attack… We just don’t have bad intentions :wink:

Today steinberg.net feels an awful lot like the Obamacare site on day one… Slow as molasses and lots of errors.

I think I’m going to wait a couple of days before downloading 7.5… :wink:


Or I have largely underestimated the number of Cubase users in the world or they definitely need to upgrade their server…

#1 The brushed metal look is gone… everything is flat now

#2 Mixer view undo now has multiple states… so if you hide a set of tracks… then hide some more … then more you can undo each step (i’m pretty sure this is new?)

#3 interface has changed a bit, its a bit cleaner

so far so good! loving it

will do!

Downloading now! WHOOHOO!!

Cubase update from 7: 901MB
Halion Sonic SE 2 Update from Cubase 7: 2.6GB

Installing Cubase 7.5 in about 30 minutes or so!

What about any change made in the Mixconsole… can those be undo as well???

Site still not loading… will probably try later or tomorrow…

oh… here is a question… how on earth do you remove a Rack instrument??? I can’t seem to do it!

only visibility it seems so far… so if you hide a channel you can undo that… and step backwards or forwards multiple times depending on how many times you hid a set of channels…

SSD i hope…

would recommend this to everyone !

NEVER had a crash with a clean install onto SSD

Well that’s a disappointment. That has always been a frustration for me.

Visibility Configurations have key commands!..

Took me all day as well… but I just got through.

Once I actually got to the purchase page, everything else went really fast, including the download.