7.5 at last.

You can filter track types in the arranger page… … show only Instrument tracks… only midi etc!..

I made it to the buy button, but can’t get the next page to load

Yep I believe those features were shown in the video on the Steinberg site. Nice addition. I’m still curious if with the download there are a list of bug fixes listed as well as all of the additions.


Are you able to load all of your synths? A friend of mine seems to be having issues with this in C7.5. Are all your plugins showing up? Thanks!

The reality of purchasing 7.5 today looks slim :slight_smile:

Synths yes for me anyway… although it seems there is no way to remove rack instruments!.. that’s a slight problem…

OK, he just verified that you may have to re-configure your plugins paths. No big deal :slight_smile:

I guess I feel safe to install now! Yay!

Downloading now! Took about an hour and a half while sitting here editing to finally get through!

Excited to say the least! :smiley:

After 2 hours, just one word: impressed :slight_smile:

yep!.. been waiting for 10 years to be able to hide tracks in the arranger page… this is a special day for me :slight_smile:

Hi Xtigma,

click on the name of the Instrument, a pop-up window will open where you can change the instrument. You have to select “No VST Instrument” to remove the one selected.


That’s great Steve! Have any of your issues related to instability been fixed now that you’ve installed?

thanks!.. not sure how I missed that! :slight_smile:

Don’t lose faith cmaffia! The traffic in our website is indeed overwhelming, but you will get your chance soon enough. I just got through myself, and after adding it to the cart, the rest runs smoothly :smiley:


This is a joke. I can’t even get to the product page. Nice job on the release, as usual. All the hype for this nonsense. SB couldn’t close an umbrella with a full set of instructions. How many times does there have to be server issues on a release before they correct the situation? Laughing-stock are the only words I have. :unamused:

Damn it’s just LIFE…deal with it!!!

I don’t know how some of you people ever get any work done though all your complaining!

Everything went smooth…I just installed and loaded the project I’ve been editing. So far looking really nice!

Hi to all just get C7.5.Its an 900mb exe file.Is this included Halion Sonic SE new files?or its another download?
Thank you

There are 2 downloads…one for Cubase, the other for Halion SE 2 content

Thanks Adam,but where is the link for SE 2 content?