7.5 at last.

Can you elaborate ? Which synths can’t you load ? What do you mean by “i can’t load my old songs” ?

You have to reconfigure your VST paths. Cubase 7.5 is a separate install from previous versions, so you’ll also have to reconfigure your preferences. Thankfully, you can have both versions opened side by side. This makes it easy to copy your preferences and plugin paths, which I prefer doing than copying preference files (just seems a safer way to me).

I also had to re-register (not really, actually) my iLok EWQL Spaces plugin, but it was super quick. You may see a pop up window come up as you load a project if you happen to have this particular plugin. This may also be the case with a few others iLok plugins, but it only took a few clicks to get it going again. No big deal.

So far, all I can say is that C7.5 is THE BEST Cubase I have used thus far. The new features are awesome and the new look a noticeable improvement from previous versions. Cubase looks more professional now, IMO. Still too early to call it, but I’m really liking what I see. It’s been very stable with heavy projects as well. No complaints yet.

Downloaded about 30 minutes ago with no problem (took about 20 minutes). Updated the e-licenser. The 1st installation resulted in registry errors when I tried to start the program. Re-installed a 2nd time and the program is running fine. Opened a project that I was working in 7.0.6 and all looks OK. Now waiting for the HALion Sonic SE2 file to download. :slight_smile:

all synths load, old songs load, track presets retain VSTi routing to output channels, but not external channels that the output channels were assigned to, such as group tracks … which is, I hope, a soon to be added feature … but, from what I can tell is working as designed.

How long should it take to get download email? All I have received is asknet paypal confirmation.

Got mine in about 5 minutes after purchasing. You need the activation code.

Should have mentioned that your activation code is also listed on the web download page. :slight_smile:

hey guy i got the software … backed up my Mac … ran the installer went with the default settings…

i can’t load any of my old songs … my template loaded once i saved it and reloaded it to yet another crash and my plugs won’t stop Screaming for more memory …

ill reinstall to where ? another directory and point it at my plugin folder …

and i bet its the same again …

I didn’t get a download link via Email and when I go to the site to get upgrade it’s no link only PDF to manual. Is I’m looking in the way place ?

had a problem with eLicenser, had to restore computer to previous date because the elicenser software gave me an error and wouldn’t update no matter what. After restore, I updated eLicenser software and THEN reinstalled Cubase 7, then C7.5 and now it works like a charm :sunglasses:

I like the new layout of the project window with the configuration options, it’s now like the mixconsole which is nice. Clicking the Mixconsole still makes the plugin disappear though, and we should be able to colorcode the background of the channels like the tracks.

New VST rack is nice but I find it confusing between instruments tracks and rack instruments, there’s more clicks than before overall to get to the rack instruments and create one.

Still learning this version but so far nice job Steinberg.

Scary :open_mouth:

Flavor4Daze wrote:I didn’t get a download link via Email and when I go to the site to get upgrade it’s no link only PDF to manual. Is I’m looking in the way place ?

same here :confused: :confused:Been 90 minutes no activation or download link email. Only Paypal receipt. :open_mouth:

you bet! I sh!t my pants, never happened to me before, took me 1 hour to install but now it’s fine. :laughing:

Installation and download was a breeze. Only had to add a couple of VST paths and import the keyboard shortcuts …
Loving it so far …

@abyss. Have you tried the safe start mode? Often, after the updates, if Cubase uses the preferences from an older version, it can cause problems.




its working its fantastic … thank god for that

Bah humbug! Six hours and four broken downloads later, no comment !!!

OK so, as Steinberg support is unable to answer me. Could anybody give me a link for the mac installer ? ( mine is expired)
I bought the update, so it’s totally legit.
Thanks in advance to the nice user who will share a link with me :wink:


All seems good here.

By the way, installing C7.5 does not delete C7.0.6.

C7.0.6 still functions normally so you can return at will. :smiley:

So far, very nice! Thanks Steinberg.

No eLicenser problems ? Anyone ?