7.5 issues after Ram and SSD upgrade

My personal experience after upgrading my 2012 MBP with an SSD and 16 GB Ram. Issues I had after my upgrade.

After a fresh install of OSX 10.9.4.

Cubase 7.5 Issues:
Missing midi presets, reverence presets, groove agent presets-EDM midi loops, padshop and loopmash content, were all missing. SCARY :astonished:

Solutions: Reinstall all cubase versions from 6, 6.5, 7 and padshop’s additional content SOLVED those issues. :wink:

Looks like 7.5 needs previous versions. I also had some minor issues with my Native Instruments plugins now all solved. :confused:

It was a bit scary but worth it. I would recommend this to anyone but give yourself 24-48 downtime. :nerd:

Now my MBP can start in about 8 seconds, shutdown in 1 second, Cubase 7.5 loads in 10 seconds. 2 seconds faster than my old HDD. I’m not sure why cubase is not loading faster but samples/sounds load almost instantly. :ugeek:

Once you go SSD you never go back. I’m using 3 SSD drives now, one for OS, the other for vst/sample libraries and third audio project file and other misc stuff.

Damn… is it a fact that everyone who installs 7.5 only will have this issue? I just reinstalled everything a few days ago using only the 7.5 ISO’s and haven’t checked for this problem yet. Did you have to uninstall 7.5 and then install the previous versions or did you leave your 7.5 installation and then install the previous versions?

I had this reinstall question in my own thread. If this issue is true, then there’s nothing more frustrating than getting wrong information from a support team about the product they support!

All I had to do was install 6, 6.5 and 7. I didn’t have to uninstall 7.5. Everything seems to be working okay for now
But last night I had another issue, I was missing the path to the 300 halion hybrid sounds. I could load them with 6.5 but not 7.5. The solution was to reinstall 7.5. Looks like I should always install earlier versions first to avoid this issue. I only wanted 7.5 on my new drive but it’s all good.

it sounds like I should uninstall 7.5 and start from 6…as I originally thought…

Well I just checked my 7.5 installation and I haven’t experienced any of the missing content that you had. Maybe it’s the way you installed it?

I installed 7.5 (both 32 & 64-bit versions) using the 2 “COMPLETE INSTALLATION” ISO’s from the Steinberg Cubase support page.
I patched both versions with the 7.5.20 maintenance patch.
When I did the installation, I used all default file paths.

7.5 is the only Cubase version on my new workstation and there is no missing content. It appears I was given the correct information from Tech Support!

Curious if you deviated from what I had done that you were missing so much.