7.5 manual?

Hi, just this:
Can anybody point me to where to find the updated 7.5 manual? All I have is a “New Features in 7.5”-kinda PDF… :wink:


You have to use the Cubase 7 manual, which also comes with 7.5. And then for the new stuff in 7.5, use the “new features…” PDF manual.


If I recall correctly how it worked with past upgrades, there will soon be a pdf manual for downloading.

'k, thx!


in your “Documentation” folder Inside your “Cubase 7.5” folder !

I’ll look again, but last time I looked there was only 7.0 in there… :neutral_face:

Look inside the “documentation” folder:


That’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Edit: oh, you were looking for a full manual, sorry. I guess it’ll come later.

Yeah, I think there will have to be something else on the way because there are many things not explained in the “new features” addendum.

Separate documents are confusing. They should have just added an “addendum” to the main CB 7 operation manual until they got the new one sorted out properly.

you should find the complete documentation (in many languages) in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5\Documentation

Why don’t you just use the “help->documentation” menu option in the program itself to access these documents?

is there a pdf please for 7.5 of “fixed” problems/ bugs from 7.06?