7.5 Mute button issues

Working on a project I just discovered the mute buttons don’t function properly between the project & mixer
Mute ( yellow) in one does not in the other.

Tried it some more, seems sporadic. After trying R/W on certain tracks Mutes started working between both, then while working on the project the problem started again & for no apparent reason.

Hi Soul,

does it happen in new prjects as well? Or only on C7 old projects? Have you trashed your preferences after updating or using the old C7 preferences?


Don’t forget mutes are automate-able. If you written automation for it, it will get “stuck” in the state written to the automation.

I’ve only just got it & using it on several current projects. I did a copy/ paste of my previous preferences into it.


That’s something I’ll check & sounds possible although I never automate mutes (at least on purpose anyway)
But as I said this doesn’t happen using 7


try starting it in safe mode and just “deactivate” the preferecnes. Does it happen then?


I just tried some new plus other projects & they work fine.

I think some of my projects are ether corrupt or maybe certain plugins not playing nice in them.
Haven’t tried safe mode yet.