7.5 Native Instruments Komplete 9 vsts not showing up.

I have just run 7.5 for the first time, and none of my NI instruments are even listed in the vst list to insert into the project. Seems it is only the NI stuff…

How do I get these working again?

Also my control room presets, project templates and presets are missing.

Is there a quick way to copy all presets from 7 (in one go) into 7.5? can someone post the correct folder locations for Cubase instruments/control room/templates.


Have you tried copying the VST paths over from preferences in 7.06 that solved most issues here. You could always set the paths to the vst folders from the plugin information window?

on my mac i was experiencing the same thing … turned out to be i was not running in 64bit mode
once i switched it everything worked