7.5 plugins for 7


I have C7.5 and C7 installed side by side on the same machine.

Is it possible to get the C7.5 plugins accessible from C7? (Particularly interested in the reverb) Can I just copy the VSTplugins file from 7.5 into 7? If so, where should I look for the file, what’s it called, and where should it go to?

Thanks in advance.

This will work for some plugins in some versions but not all. For example Magneto didn’t work in Cubase 6.5 but Curve EQ did. To copy the files, they are in one of the sub folders of the \Steinberg\Cubase 8\ folder. Some plugs have their own file, like Curve EQ, and some are bundled in the stock plugin file. You will just have to experiment a bit.

Cheers, will do a bit of digging :slight_smile: