7.5 Project coming back differently in 8 - High Cut Fault

The first project (from 7.5) I loaded into 8 sounded totally off.

What was very obvious was a reverb return on a SD that was way too loud.

It took me two days of testing why the reverb on a SD was coming back a lot louder, scratching my head what was causing this.

The chain was SD (FX send to stereo FX return)
FX return: High-Cut (3.85kHz) > Slate Virtual Channel > Altiverb 6 via Jbridge > Kickstart

I ran another set of tests with the High-Cut bypassed in both C7.5 and C8 and they aligned again.

It turned out that the High-Cut Filter is the culprit.

I use the High-Cut a lot throughout my projects and therefore I can’t use C8 to continue working on my album that I began with C7.5.

This is a SERIOUS fault and I regret I spent money on the update.

Steinberg, please confirm if this is a bug. The project I have here is rather large and I don’t have the time to suggest a way to reproduce this. Maybe you can do this or someone else.

Have you looked at the new high cut options? You can now pick from a variety of cut slopes - and one of them is that of 7.5 (12db, I think).

No, I had no time to learn the new features.

Thanks for the tip. I will check it out later. But projects should come back the way they have been…

Where can you select the slope?

I talk about the Filter in the input section of the channel (where the gain is) and not the EQ.

I know; that’s what I mean. Click to the left of the Hi and Lo cuts to activate them; click to the right to choose between 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48dB slopes.

I have a bit of time on my hands, so I thought I quickly check the forum… :frowning:

Slate Virtual Channel? Altiverb? Jbridge?Kickstart?.. clearly a lot more going on than C8, isn’t it?

You spend 2 days on what exactly? If you’re not sure if the send signal to reverb is incorrectly calibrated to stated level indications - do a standard test. Forget about feelings.

“After doing a lot of tests with Steinberg’s frequency test tone tool I noticed that at 440Hz the levels almost matched, which gave me the first hint the problem is frequency related.
I ran another set of tests with the High-Cut bypassed in both C7.5 and C8 and they aligned again.”

This reads like you’re confusing yourself, and then as time passed on you realized it.

If I come across as irritated - you’re right… grrr

What exactly is your point? Your post is not very helpful.

I ran one of the best mix studios in London a few years back and using Altiverb, Slate is pretty standard.

The fact is that the same project came back differently with C8 than it did with C7.5

And it was not because of Altiverb or Slate (as it turned out in the end)

I’m now in my third day of investigating this problem, but clearly there is a fault with the High-Cut filter.

When I have more time I will report back.

Thanks for your stupid reply. No, I’m not confusing myself. I’m trying to sort out why the project sound different.
I’m busy with my productions the whole day and have only limited time to beta-test a product.

I think C8 has a fantastic feature set and I’m a great Steinberg fan/user since 1986. But stability and not enough beta-testing is problem with Cubase over and over.

Seems like the default slope in 8 is not the same as the one that was used as fixed slope in 7.5.

I’d say the fixed slope in 7/7.5 was 24db/oct while the default slope in 8 is 12db/oct.

Opening a 7.5 project has nothing to do with the default slope.

But even changing the slopes did not bring it in line.

Even with the max slope the signal was too loud. Maybe the frequencies don’t align?

This is not easy to test, as I have to go back between 7.5 and 8.

My first guess would be that the frequency is off. It seems I hear a lot more high frequencies in C8 than in C7.5

That means that all my mixes from 7.5 projects that use filters would be off.

I have to put C8 on hold until this is solved. It’s impossible to go through every project / every channel to check if it comes back as it should.

As a side note: C7.5 manual says the slope is 24db. When I opened the 7.5 project in C8 the slope was set at 12db!

But as I said, even setting it to 24db did not solve the problem. I still could hear much more high frequencies going through than in C7.5

Here is the test:

4 bars of music played through C 7.5

the same project in C8

listen to the snare drum reverb

I noticed that everything using the filters comes back differently.

Has anyone found out similar problems with the High-Cut Filters coming back differently in C8 from C7.5 projects?

Please listen to the two audio clips above. It’s clearly noticeable that something is wrong. I’m kind of stuck here with C7.5 for now…

Haven’t heard back from Steinberg unfortunately.

Oh yeah, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops about this almost since C8 came out!

Here’s where I discovered the filters are different: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=72153&start=25#p416289

This lead to me discovering that the 24 and 12 dB rolloffs are, in fact, identical.


I haven’t tested 8.0.5 yet, but the release notes didn’t mention anything about the filters, so I’m guessing it’s the same.

But, no matter what settings you use, the filters are inherently and radically different from 7.5’s.