7.5 Suddenly Takes FOREVER to load Projects!

Hello everyone! So today i went to open a client’s project and it froze after about 45 seconds of loading. (Not unusual with 7.5) So i did the usual thing and Re opened the project until it loaded properly. Well, only this time i got an error report saying none of my plugins could be located. Then checked my routing to make sure all my paths were correct leading to my VST folders and such… Well, they had vanished. They had literally vanished ON EVERY PROJECT. I have honestly never experienced anything like this in my 4 years using Cubase 5 and 7.5.

So i attempted to REROUTE all my folders in an empty new project. Got it all loaded correctly to where it all works now. (VST path folders are working properly, projects are loading) The only thing now is, each project is taking ATLEAST 8 Minutes to load. These projects would take anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute MAX just yesterday lol. And im noticing it is getting STUCK loading FOREVER on just a simple audio track with maybe a 10 second wave file on it… Literally is making ZERO since to me…

I’m also highly upset that i’ve had nothing but issues with 7.5 since i purchased it in July. Now 8 is available and i have to pay Full price for it? Really? So ridiculous.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!