7.5 Tip/Issue Retrospective Record (Windows)

I use Retrospective Record a -lot- but it’s been behaving erratically for me since 7.0.

As of 7.5 it was completely -wrong-.

For a completely different reason, today I went to the Device Setup screen to disable an extra port.

And just out of curiosity, I checked the Direct Music box at bottom left… just to see whether the Direct Music ports have better timing than the ‘regular’ MIDI hardware ports. As expected, made no real difference… This hasn’t been an issue for me since maybe SX4.

But anyhoo… again just out of curiosity I tried R/R again and Et Viola! IT WORKS! IT WORKS!

So… if yer one of the 4 or 5 people who still use this and are having issues, give this a shot. Living without this has been tough.

ONE ISSUE: When RE-RECORD is enabled, it seems to make Retrospective Record flakey. Anyone else noticing this?