7.5 trial?

All I see is the 7.0 trial, any info on when the cubase 7.5 trial will be available?

If you buy Cubase 7 you are automatically entitled to use 7.5.

I have purchased C7 as an upgrade to 6.5 but am not sure if I should install it at all or ask for a refund until the maintenance update is released.

Thanks Sycophant,
I use Nuendo+Nek 6.05 and I need to make a few decisions about the future very soon.
A trial of 7.5 would help me make those decisions sooner as it is a preview (of sorts)
of whats coming to the Nuendo+Nekland.
I have already demoed Cubase 7 some time ago…so unless they put up a separate trial for 7.5 I’m out of luck.

I’ve been demoing Studio One and honestly, it is growing on me, not unlike a friendly fungus.
The interface is so fast and snappy…Like Nuendo 5.5 is.

The end of January will approach very fast.

I been enjoying the holiday so I guess I will be opening the box and installing the upgrade.

Cubase 6.5 has been very solid for me and I don’t doubt that 7.07 will be too and yes, I do take punters comments with a grain of salt.

This place cracks me up…

I will have to try the Studio One demo, I would love the ARA feature in Cubase but I doubt Steinberg will implement it and there is not much support on here to implement ARA anyway.

Cubase is starting to get very bloated with “Producer” features that don’t interest me and has pushed up the price of upgrades that are not good value to me.

Don’t Steinberg have their own VST3 version of pitch correction that accesses the audio directly?