7.5 VST Instrument Rack

With 20 or so instruments loaded the VST Instruments rack is taking 3 to 4 seconds to appear after hitting F11. I’ve tried hitting the key harder, but that doesn’t help.

Is this happening with you guys?

And while we’re at it, whilst the instrument slots are HUGE, the scroll bar is only 2 or 3 pixels wide and almost impossible to grab hold of.

Hope Steinberg is working a smaller version with a usable scroll bar.

Otherwise, loving this release!

yes, please fix the sizing of the rack. You have room to move the knobs of the QC down and put the values above them. Make the fonts a hair bigger. Make the scroll bar about twice the width. Shrink the total box down by about 1/4. Really weird sizing choices.

I wrote a reply to another post about this right now…i can see the advantage of having a smaller version.
Here in my studio with 3 monitors i have plenty of “space”, but i plan on installing cubase on a laptop to do some work on the next holidays and i would love to have a better view.

You guys are spot on.

I noticed the slow opening time of the vst rack, kinda annoying. It takes a nano second to open on 7.0.6, and more than half a second for 7.5

Same remark for the size of the scrollbar.

Otherwise it is just awesome.

You need to hit it with a 5 pound lump hammer then it t opens much quicker :nerd:

27 seconds of freezed cubase when dealing with a big template, full of kontakt instances…

Something is very wrong with 7.5 vsti handling

Last night I attempted to load Acustica-Audio’s ‘STRADIPAD_FREE’ VST in C7.5 which caused Cubase to completely freeze, I lost a couple of hours of work.
This did’nt happen in C7.06, something has changed.