7.5 Wishlist

Hey guys,

Its almost 10 months down the Cubase 7 road and at this point we already know that a paid 7.5 will eventually come, so let’s try to make the best out of our hard-earned money by letting Steinberg know what we want.

Here goes my list.

In no particular order of favoritism.

1 - VCA Faders
2 - Option to move channels in the mixer
3 - Option to add multiple blank FX channels
4 - More linking options like individual insert/send linking controls
5 - Rupert Neve plugs
6 - Yamaha vintage collection plugins
7 - New instruments or light versions of Steinberg’s line of instruments
8 - Dual-mono insert option for using two mono plugins on a stereo channel (like PT)
9 - Object-based editing/processing (like Samplitude)
10 - New plugs and/or incorporate more of the Voxengo’s line of plugins (Elephant, GlissEQ, PHA979 would be my top 3 choices)

I know some of the points in that list are just wishful thinking, but who knows? Now go and make your list!


+++ 1 :slight_smile:

Yes, 5 and 6 and possibly 10 are indeed a tad wishful, unless you want to over price Cubase and/or antagonise those who have already paid dearly for those plug-ins.

But most of the others, I’m with you.

I would like to see full automation for each track of a multi-timbrel VSTi just as is with individual Instrument tracks.

Dream on :wink:

Instead of features or new gimmicky plugins, it’d be nice if Steinberg focused on workflow refinements for EXISTING features! And improving the window management…

Text in the editors that you can read on a 24" iMac would be nice.

No 2 should have happened a long time ago. Just ridiculous to have to go back to the project window, move tracks then go back to MC. Shouldn’t have to wait for a paid update for that one. Make it in the 7.0.7 build.

Independent moving of tracks between the project window and mixer would be great.

This is true. I’m hoping there will be a 7.1 or 7.2 free update that includes:

2 - Option to move channels in the mixer.

Maybe this is difficult from a Cubase programmes point of view but wouldn’t it be convenient?

This is a bug (right?), so it’s not a feaure.

Anyway, that’s the kind of thing should be fixed regardless.

  1. Ability to arrange frozen tracks (like Studio One, but a better implementation that is fully transformable without loss of ghost/aliased/shared copies)
  2. Batch Freeze / Unfreeze
  3. Bounce-in-place (and that’s reversible; and that’s accessible via right-click)
  4. Remove the 8 (6 freezable) Inserts limit
  5. Ability to choose / remember “affinity” (which CPU cores it will use) in prefs

So much more, but those are my top five (in order).

Wishes one thing, reality another. We will get new colors for fader buttons, and Loopmash update.

Complete track color coding in MC to make track location easier, would be great!

A Pattern-Based sequencing/editing feature.

Basically something similar to what Ableton Live, FL Studio 11, the upcoming Bitwig Studio, and other Pattern-Based DAWs offer. imho. this would be a great feature/option to have for Cubase 7 users who need to build their arrangement in a Pattern-Based workflow. If one prefers the current linear style way of working, then that’s always there for you. I just feel that the addition of a Pattern-Based sequencing option would just make Cubase 7 a better, and more versatile DAW.

Will this ever happen ? So far it has not, and I don’t have my hope up high that it will. But I felt that posting this feature request is worth it regardless if it ever gets implemented by Steinberg.


Yes, and please add to that a Neve desk (8087. but 1608 is good) and Rupert Neve himself (I can settle for a clone).

  • Automation lane for Pitch Bend (with midi <-> automation function)

  • Simultaneous editing of multiple automation lanes (using the mouse, not just the info line)

  • Show Shortcut Key(s) in tooltips (they are shown in the menus but not the tooltips)

  • No hover things, I want to see everything in plain view (except tooltips)


Multitrack warping
Polyphonic VariAudio

I’m not holding my breath, as I’ve logged it with support and added it as an issue, with no response in either case. It is the only issue I have with C7 though.

I’d rather see that this update would be free, but thinking about that, it is wishful thinking…

Yes, I agree.