7/8 XML import totally in disorder

I did, as always export a logic XML file and imported that in Dorico.
The voices (Akkordeon, Pano , Doublebass are in terrible disorder . Some empty bars are shown as 6/8, some voices are displayed 2 bars too late etc…
I repeated the procedure 5 times with always the same result… what might be the reason for that? I hoped the XML Import in D4 would be more advanced than in D3…
I added the xml file below…
Thank you
Req 1 85 bpm .lPRINT.xml (635.1 KB)

On trying to import this file into MuseScore it tells me that the MusicXML is corrupted and gives a lengthy list of incomplete measures, sometimes in all staves and sometimes in only some staves. The end result is very similar to the one that Dorico gives.

Sibelius doesn’t complain but plays as 7/8 while frequently reading like 6/8:

Finale gives a different result again.

Have you asked on a Logic forum?

Have you asked on a Logic forum?

Thank you very much…
No not yet, really strange… I never had this big trouble with an XML. I nearly finished a correction manually …I will ask somewhere for logic…

I wonder whether this one would have gone better via a midi file.

Maybe…anyway…almost finished…another question is, how do easily select all notes off a 2. lower voice which is written in the same system as the 1. one…



Use Select More (Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A) or select the passage and then Filter by Voice.

Thank you, but that does not work as expected because all voices have a
stem down…

sorry so that means one voice with two notes-chords

Ah. You can filter bottom notes in chords.

Top Thanx!!!