7 improvements (Midi and general)

I am one of the many people who work with at least two DAW. In my case, Cubase and Pro Tools. DAW Each has its strengths and weaknesses. I think that Cubase is richer functions, overall, and especially in MIDI.

But there are two points incomprehensible to a DAW with MIDI so strong (I have mentioned elsewhere).

  1. File management Midi. Pro Tools, on this point, is admirable. Each file changes, a new entity is created in the Manager. Cubase MIDI specialist yet, did not even MIDI manager in his library! Also, if you cut, on a track, a MIDI file, Cubase erases everything is cut, which becomes unrecoverable. Yet a MIDI file should be like an audio file, non-destructible. Pro Tools offers this. Example: when I get taken with 200 voice (audio) and instrument (MIDI) together, I cut segments and installs them on a master track. If I want to get a piece of audio, I can. A piece of MIDI, no. Disappeared. Please Steinberg offer this MIDI based as it is done in audio.

  2. Less critical but important: it should be the presence of the markers in the MIDI editor.

In addition, five other general points:

  1. There must be a shortcut for horizontal scrolling (equivalent to SHIFT + wheel on the mouse). This would make possible a scroll with a JOG like the Euphonix Transport. Pro Tools has it.

  2. You must have a permanently open window for colors. In front of a lot of segments to coded by colors is too arduous.

  3. Plug-ins window, you need to quickly save a preset under the existing name, without seeking it from the list (which can be long). If you can save an entire session by “record”, one should to do it for a preset!

  4. Please, please, please, help expand the vertical scrollbars. What invention! It is as if you had to catch a needle every move.

  5. It is also necessary to remove a plug-in without going back to the top of the list to see: “no effect”. With 200 plug-ins, it would be better to have a permanent button empty all in one click.
    P.S. I work with the French version of Cubase. There may be differences in the English version in the function names and descriptions.

  1. Didn’t get your point here. You can’t compare audio and midi handling. Midi data isn’t based on external files like audio data. The midi data is part of the project file. You can import midi data from a file to the project and export from the project to a midi file. But these files are standalone versions and they have no connection to the project. If you cut a midi event (not a midi file!) no data will be erased! You need to use the delete key or the erase tool to erase the data. The trim function is non-destructable, just use this instead of the erase tool.

  2. There are several key command actions for horizontal scrolling, just take a look in the key command section “transport”. You can add any shortcut you want, e.g. jog left and jog right.

  3. Use the color tool for that. Also you can use the project logical editor and create templates to color your tracks with your prefered colors.

  4. I never use the scrollbars and I prefer that they doesn’t waste much space. I just use key commands or the wheel button of my mouse for scrolling.

  5. just drag and drop the plugins outside the insert rack to remove them.

I don’t do a lot of MIDI, but one thing I always seem to hanker for when I do dive in:-

The drop-down selection list at top of the Key Editor, should list all the midi tracks project wide, (not just those parts first selected in the Arrange page), with a checkbox against each so I can then use that alone to decide what to display (i.e. I remain focused inside the Key Editor.!).

This stops all the window swapping back and forth to make selections, as I move on to edit brass hits, or stacked string parts etc… (and yes, I know I’m a softie - but that’s where its enough and getting hairy-scary for me, for my level of in-depth composition…!! My mind melts at the thought of you MIDI guru’s regularly handling 200 - 250+ track midi templates… :slight_smile: )


  1. I do not agree and my point is good. I do not think that the creators of Pro Tools also make mistakes. The requested function is an additional function. She takes nothing for users who do not need. It gives much to those who need it. This could be part of the MIDI preferences. In summary, I think we should be able to find it under the clip file at will when we delete a segment, just like if used in the trim. As in Pro Tools. The question is not to confuse MIDI and audio, but copying for MIDI, a useful function in audio.
  2. It is not the function. Your Scrolling is scrolling on the track. I mean the screen scrolling.
  3. I know from the logic editor, which is very useful and very strong, but a permanent window, it’s also a quick and easy function. There is a large amount of permanent windows in Cubase. I propose one more: the colors. It takes nothing away and it helps users who work well. It is a “plus”.
  4. Ok for you. I, for my part, I always replace the object that I edit in the center of screen (30-inch). I do it in a split second if my Jog has this function. A shortcut would be useful. Again, it does not detract anyone if given more. All it does not work in the same way. The use of several DAW provides ideas for possible improvement of each DAW.
  5. Thank you! I do not know …