7 new features that would make Sampler Track AWESOME!

  • Can we get a CROP feature, or when you select an audio range that it already crops to that range instead of the entire waveform with start and end point. That would be tidier. Now I have to bounce in place before dragging to sampler track. But a crop feature would be amazing or both.

  • the zero velocity option is buried in the amp section. Can we have a direct knob for that if you dont want velocity on your samples, just like the fixed pitch knob’. A button next to it would be cool for those quick kicks hits snares etc.

  • can we have all the really good stretching algorithms inside of the sampler? (elastique etc.) You paid their license already :wink:

  • can you make the sampler work with transients (as an option / button) (locate next hitpoint / previous hitpoint) so making drum slices and editing would be a lot faster.

  • can we get ableton or bitwig style automation of pitch / formant / stretch etc. using really good algorithms, not just in the sampler but for audio in general?

  • can we re-record directly into the sampler or even better: drag and drop several audio files (different tracks) so they mixdown into the sampler (like with VST midi). Would be amazing for drum creation / sound design. (maybekeeping individual levels and filters etc.) a bit like your new drum plugin but simpler and faster. But simply mixing down several tracks (selected parts of this track) would be awesome. Or any kind of layering. Not complex Kontakt style but a bit like your new drum plugin but in the sampler itself.

  • can we get simple one button good quality compressor and transient designer (a bit like in NI Battery)?

its all workflow and speed. == >Creativity First