7-string guitar hack

7-string guitar music, especially Brazilian music, often appears in bass clef. Dorico has no support for that. I need it by any means available.
I tried and failed to get Classical Guitar to work. Playback was always in the wrong octave. Bass clef from Electric Piano works and does reasonable playback. But it doesn’t support plucked instrument fingering notation.
So I used Bass Balalaika which worked great until I copy/pasted from an electric piano part with chord symbols. It all went fine except the chord symbols, which take the form of green signposts, each denoting its chord symbol as I entered it, but only appears a signpost.
Where can I go from here? I would like either to convert the signposts to chord symbols and be able to enter fingerings.

OMG! It was that easy? Thank you!

Is this new with the update 3.5.10? I was whining about this problem quite recently, maybe just before the update. Did you guys do it that fast?

Is this what you want? On a classical guitar staff, both bars play at the same pitch.
Guitar bass clef.png

Dear spencered,
You should read the 3.5.10 version history. All new features from 3.5 are thoroughly described, and it’s the main information source, until the user guide is up to date (which is difficult, given the update pace). Hope it helps :wink:

It was a new option in 3.5 (not 3.5.10). I told you about it in your previous thread (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1019267#p1019267) , but for some reason that thread got sidetracked into talking about using a grand staff for notation and/or making octave transpositions in the playback options.

In another thread https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=193387&p=1021023#p1021023 i’ve shown how to get a seventh strings guitar to display in bass clef, and i also said there that your bass balalaika workaround would also work, but in the light of this thread i would advise you to reconsider and use the guitar insted of the bass balalaika if you are going to be working on more scores for your seventh strings guitar.