7 to 7.5 Upgrade No Longer Available?

Not looking to scam a grace period upgrade to 8, just want to be using the most mature versions available. 7.5 no longer listed on the Steinberg web site. Is this still possible.

Resellers are still selling the 7.5 upgrade. So you might be able to pick up a copy if they haven’t run out yet.

Also, C7.5 will still work with a C8 license. Hopefully, you can find a retailer that still has upgrades to 7.5 and has NOT already priced in the grace period update to C8.

I think you’ll find there’s no price advantage to doing this. On upgrades, you pay $50 for the dot release either way. Upgrade from 7.0 to 8, $150. Upgrade from 7 to 7.5, $50 + 7.5 to 8, $100. It’s $150 bucks either way.

But if he gets the 7.5 up grade then it falls into the grace period and he gets 8 for free.

Ah, clever!

I don’t see anything about a grace period on the Buy Now page. Am I missing something?

You can still get the 7.5 version from the Download page:

If ordering from the Steinberg page, you’ll now need to buy the update to version 8. But you are still licensed for all previous versions, which you can access from the download link above.

Apologies if this is a very basic question, but I can’t remember how it went when I upgraded from 6 to 7…

If I buy an upgrade from 7.0x to 8, the license on my dongle will be updated to an 8 license. Will I still be able to run 7.0x on that license?

This is a critical consideration as I have a live environment that uses UR22 / Cubase AI 7.0x, and 8 isn’t available for that environment at present. I can’t lose the ability to edit my live projects in the full version of Cubase 7, and of course if I save the projects in 8 they’ll be unreadable by my AI 7 version.

If an 8 license, even if it’s an upgrade, will still let me run my full version of 7 then I’m in good shape. Otherwise I have to wait until there’s an 8 version of AI.

Yes. Or any version 8.0 or lower for that matter.

Excellent, thanks!