8.0.10 Important Heads-up

For those serious enough to read manuals it should interest you to know that the Operation Manual has been revised with the 8.0.10 update release!

Sections have been added.

There are a whopping 9 pages more in the new version, though admittedly some of this is due to poor editing (misplaced page breaks), there is some new material.

So don’t forget to update your PDFs if you have them stored in other folders or on other devices (readers etc.).
I expect the files in the installation folders will be automatically replaced.

Big Thanks!
Steinberg / Yamaha, should have let us know
Now I have to find the pages in my printed manuals ;-(

What are the updates? Thanks.

Only English Manual has been updated up to now. Manuals in other languages are still the same.

Thanks BriHar.

Just gotta find it now.

There’s nothing on the 8.0.10 download pages - not that I can find anyway.

Between not telling us and not making the update location easily located, I’m guessing SB’s motto might be:

“If the dummies can’t find and figure these simple things out for themselves, then it’s probably best they don’t even bother with nor come anywhere near our complicated DAW[s]”.

Kind of like:

“if you need instructions and/or directions on how to operate an automatic hand dryer now found in most washrooms, should you be allowed anywhere near something that produces blowing heat via electricity?” :laughing:

Scroll down on the download page a bit and you’ll see Documentation Zip files in various languages. As previously noted by KMK however, only the english has as of yet been updated.

I find it a pity they no longer put a revision number or date on the credits page. That’s where one usually looks first.

Thanks again Bri!


Bri is ‘on it’!

Sending much aloha.

Aloha there Curteye!

I hope all is well with you there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

You can now find this information in the PDF file properties keywords in your PDF viewer now.
In Foxit it’s for instance File → Properties → Description → Keywords