8.0.10 Mac VST plugin GUI problem.

Tested the update on my laptop. My Kontakt 5 window is bigger than my screen, and I can’t drag the window to the top of the screen and reach the bottom right corner where I can resize it smaller.

Tried plugging in an external monitor. Tried different resolutions. Tried minimizing all windows, restoring all windows.

Also, just before I was going to write this post, decapitator decided to hid in between my 2 monitors. Could see hte bottom half, but again couldn’t move it or close it since I couldn’t show/find the top half.

Anyone else having issues like this on Mac since update?

Or if its just co-incidence and people have had this issue on OSX before, can you lend me hand?

Many thanks!

I’m not having that issue but have you tried launching it in standalone mode? Does the same issue occur? Can you switch to the generic editor which is a smaller screen then resize the window there? The control to switch is located in the drop down arrow in the upper-right corner.

No issues here with OS X 10.10.2 and C8.0.10.

A general web search can yield useful information: