8.0.10 update!

I’m glad its being delayed. I would rather have it right than right now.

thanks guys!

I could really do with it asap so I can use menu’s in BFD

There is a workaround posted in one of the several threads on this topic. Select and hold the menu item for a couple of seconds and it works. Not optimal, but it gets the job done.

I’m also in the do it right rather than do it now camp (although I’m only minimally impacted by the issues and might have a different take otherwise)

Me too, but if it @#&! up my projects I’m going to be cussing up a storm.

A year from now you won’t remember that it came out two weeks late, as long as it fixes things.

However if it breaks things or everytime you use it, it blue screens you will be reminded about it.

Again, I would rather have it right than right now.


and no update yet…

“Delayed” means they’ve run into some issues which means the list of things fixed will likely be smaller which means there will still be many known, but unresolved issues.

Which probably means the little non-critical fix I was hoping for, restoring z-order of plugins correctly (that they broke in v8) ain’t gonna be fixed.

Which means I have to click on a hundred little things every time I load the project, to recreate my view, before I can even start music making. I’ll be doing this well into summer, I’m sure (which I think is usually around their “.5” release). Fun!

Yet I will shoulder this minor burden if it means you Mackie Console users get your fix. :slight_smile:

I’m a nice guy.

It was cool of them to communicate the delay, too.

And Geist, as well (I can’t even change it’s output routing and sequencer graphing, for example). With so many issues, even mid-march seems a tad ambitious.

Why is the number smaller than 8.0.5? Are we going backwards?
The logic number would be 8.1.0

It’s a version number, not a decimal number, so it’s a 10, not a 1. It could be 8.0.278 or any other number if the developers wanted as there is no ceiling before moving up to x.x.

A x.1 update is usually a more significant update in a DAW with new features rather than just some bug fixes.

This just illustrates the nonsense of market driven targets. The fact that Steinberg have realised what a mess they have made with 8 Pro for many customers. Personally I would rather have waited until the Summer for 8’s release if was more sorted. If I was the CEO I would be taking whoever was in charge of the beta program to task.

I am making music with 8 and I think I am going to be very happy with it. However my fingers have been burnt and will not upgrade so quickly in future. If enough other customers feel as I do it will adversly affect their cash flow. Which will put the developers under more pressure to get it right, as I will not buy until reports give it the thumbs up.

Perhaps we should include “Update Pledge” in our signatures. If enough users do it the message will get through. Possibly? But then if no one updates how will we know it is working?

I still haven’t got over the fact that the most sophisticated DAW ever made hasn’t got a working metronome months after release. LOL. I’m just happy 7.5 is working well for me.

:laughing: hope we are going forward , will cubase 10 be tape machine ?

All you have to do is continue to use 7.5 till this summer and your wish will have come true.

The Feb update was supposed to bring Yosemite compatibility to 7.5. Does this mean the 7.5 update is delayed as well?


this was the battle of the developers vs. the bean counters.

Oh my gosh … Just +1 on this post.

Just stay 20 months behind the latest version and you’ll alawys have a new version to you with all the wrinkles ironed out.

I only installed 7.5 in August last year and I’d of stuck with it for 18 months had it not been for those pesky VCA’s.

Fortunately I’ve had a nice smooth ride with CP 8 :slight_smile:

I could blame the new computer and my desire for a more streamlined start - but in the end I can only blame myself.
My old Gran used to say " purchase in haste, repent at leisure".

Grans are a fountain of wisdom, aren’t they. Perhaps Steinberg should consider employing a couple. :wink: