8.0.10 weird panning issue

I am having a weird issue, not sure if this is a bug?

if i LINK 2 channels and pan them hard L and R, the hard L on all of them goes from L to L95 and if i slide it back it pops back to L95 everytime

when i link the channels i select EVERYTHING but PAN

this is for every L track in a stereo linked setup

alot of my doubled guitar tracks are linked, and panned Hard L and R and in every one of them the L stays L for a bit and then pops to L95

this didn’t use to happen

any ideas or if i am set up differently in 8.0.10 behind the scenes?

Ive done this with MONO tracks linked and also STEREO here, issue does not exist here.

Everything stays panned hard left and hard right as it should.

  1. Are these OLD projects your importing into 8…0.10?

  2. Are your controllers possibly sending the pan info to the tracks in Cubase?

these are both mono and stereo linked

no there is nothing being sent form the controllers

these are projects started in 8.0 and 8.0.5

it happens in every project i am working on, 3 songs, 3 different projects

Can you send the Cubase .CPR to me in an email so I can check it here?