8.0.10 - Yamaha Studio Manager

Dear Steinberg, I have no mind ability to understand that you can’t or don’t want to solve this problem. I paid for v8 on day one and 3 months later I see cubase 8 icon that has mold on it. First you threw the ball on Yamaha than one of your administrators confirmed that you should solve this problem. Since v6 I am using cubase with my 02r96 and now I have to wait for how long until that magical fix is supposed to see the daylight. Please give us some explnation or date or whatever!!!

The Yamaha Studio Manager application issues have not been resolved in Cubase 8.0.10. I was hoping this would be resolved.

You cannot move the SM UI around the screen. Its stationary.
The SM UI editors are stationary as well.
The SM UI menues have a white bar covering them
Cubase still crashes when exiting

Why can’t Steinberg and Yamaha work out this issue?

I CONFIRM that 8.0.10 update did not solve the problem.
I have the same behaviour as explained above.
Working in Cubase 7.5.40.
C8-Pro remains waiting unusable for me.
With all my will I cannot understand that between Yamaha and Steinberg a reliable info for the users remains lacking.
Is anyone addressing the problem at all, or should we have to accept the incompatibility forever?

I just called Yamaha Commercial Audio in the US and the guy said that this is the 1st he has heard of this issue with Pro 8. He could not confirm the issue and didn’t offer any advise on what to do next except wait for a new Studio Manager update. This is not the 1st time I called them to tell them the issue. Give me a break Yamaha!

Here are some news (for good and bad)…
well let’s hope…