8.0.2 - Issues so far

  • Hang on exit. Will this ever get fixed? This bug has been around since Cubase 6.5
  • Cubase stall for ~ thirty seconds when adding/deleting tracks/plugs when ASIO Guard is engaged making it unusable for me.

Sorry man, but the hang on exit in my personal experience has nothing to do with Cubase. I have had them before and it was either a third party plugin or in one recent case a chipset driver issue with a new MOBO. Hard to say what causes these things but it is likely system or hardware related, and not necessarily the fault of Cubase.

Not sure about the ASIO Guard thing as I don’t use it myself.

From your great list of stuff, I would place the “yuck” after the NS-10’s. :slight_smile:

I am in no way wishing to be argumentative. I have just been lucky enough after hours of diagnosing/searching to not have exit hang anymore.

8.0.2 has fixed the other bugs that were driving me nuts personally.

Funny you should mention the NS-10s… They are disconnected now after three decades of ear punishment. The Spiral Grooves turn out mixes as well as the NS-10s and are actually fun to listen to.

Hang on exit… I thought it was Eucon and mucked around with re-starting Eucon services to see if its the smoking gun… Can’t prove it one way or the other because its sporadic… Other stuff is pretty vanilla… Lex, Slate VMR, Ozone and RND, Arturia, Musiclab… I have flashed BIOS with every new release… and there have been many since Sep 2014… eight or nine I think… No joy… Not the worst thing in the world overall but I do have to shut down and re-start the PC to make sure the drivers don’t get stuck which, if they do, causes Cubase to select the generic ASIO driver which kills all my VST connections… Even though some of the ASIO connection params can be saved and restored you need to screw around re-setting connections and control room stuff… Safer to re-start.

Just to be clear-I recently did a BIOS flash of my newest build-Z97 Extreme4. The flash fixed some issues but it did not include the chipset driver for W7. That driver download is what saved me. I had USB controllers dropping out and weird audio dropouts that were completely unrelated to Cubase.

If you haven’t already, go to the manufacturer website and make sure you have ‘everything’ updated for your particular system.

Yep… All up to date… Chipset, BIOS, vendor drivers (Lynx/Nvidia etc.) Interestingly, X99 deluxe chipset drivers have been slow in coming… Nothing new in months…

Actually, the bug which pizziz me off the most is the ASIO Guard ‘stall for thirty second’ one. ASIO Guard is great to use with 8 cores and, were it not for the stall, I would get a lot of bang out the feature. Moreover, this bug has been reported by many users so there’s obviously a generalized problem yet it remains unfixed. My concern is that it becomes on of those bugs that will never get fixed.

Sounds like you have it all together man. Hope you get it all straightened out.

Sometimes I wonder if Mac is a good idea. Then I say to myself. Naw…


Yeah I hear you…

Glad 8.0.2 has sorted your problems… Good deal!

I’ve a similar system and don’t have any of these issues.

Edit …I see I don’t have an X99 MOBO but an X79…


P.s. I still use my NS10’s, along side my $10,000 Quested’s they make a great reference.

Might be the AES16es that are causing the stall… Lynx says is a Steinberg problem… Who knows?

Yeah lots of people still get a groove on using NS-10s… I guess I’m just not one of them… I like having something that’s a great mix tool and listenable at the same time.