8.0.2 Update causes complete PC crash

Big Problem with 8.0.2 update - it has been causing a blue screen crash says ‘bad pool header’ and causes the PC to completely restart. Not only that but my Yamaha FW driver for my MR816x has stopped working and cant be found and I now have no audio at all.I have not had any issues with previous updates! How do I revert to a previous version? :imp: :imp:
Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

You can go to Windows install/uninstall programs menu, choose “uninstall updates” and uninstall 8.0.20

Thanks for the reply. I will try that. At the moment my main concern is my MR816x has lost the Yamaha Asia driver. I guess this was when the PC crashed…I have tried to reinstall the drivers but with no luck so far. The MR is sensitive when it comes to driver installs. To make matters worse it not looks like my MIDEX 8 has suffered same fate. I will not rush to install updates again that’s for sure.