8.0.20 cause Media Bay to crash

hope to get others to use media bay to see if its unstable
its unusable on my system was ok the previous version
I also deleted preference but same Problem

Really been having problems with 8 over past version

8.0.20 cause Media Bay to crash

Your Windows good to know thanks Im on a Mac, yes 8 and HALion 5
both are almost unusable, this has been the worst, and I go back as far as
VST 5 … I have not been making any music at all

So it seams that if I click at the top of the Columns list like Rating to sort by Rating
It Crashes also Library name, Some columns do some don’t …
Anyone? Im on a iMac

Media Bay is stable on my system.

I know this is OT but I’m getting no traction in my other Media Bay threads - my column display preferences and custom defined search locations keep getting lost. They stick around for a few closes and re-opens and then just seem to be gone.

Not sure whats causing it, could be happening after a crash? Does anyone else use custom locations here and find this to be a problem?

I sent the problem in to support I was told that its not cubase but the install ( Really ? )
so no fix for the next update, they can reproduce the problem and gave me a work around
its ok for a moment but the starts crashing again when back 8.0.10
Basically there is a problem with the install but were not going to fix it…