8.0.20 crashes

Just updated to 8.0.20 from 8.0.10… Crashes every time I try to open previous project or try create a new project from the empty or any other template. rebooted several times Dead in the water. How do I get back to 8.0.10?

Windows? Open windows settings / programs, activate “show updates” and uninstall steinberg cubase 8.0.20.

That did not work for me…it asked for installation files that don’t exist.

It looks like the 8.0.10 version is no longer available. For Downloaded. I can send you a FTP transfer of that version. I just finished uninstalling .2 and reinstalling .10.


same :confused:

Use Windows recovery to take you back to a date just before you updated…worked for me. Cheers

Yeah, annoying though. Other’s seem to be running it ok, with pretty much identical systems. one of those things i guess

Downloaded 9.1 Gig Cubase 8 install…
Reinstalled Cubase 8 telling it to reinstall everything.
This brought me back to 8.0.0
looked for 8.0.10 … no luck
reinstalled 8.0.20
Crossed my fingers
Worked!!! Back in business. So far so good.