8.0.20 performance increase or spikes sorted ?

I’ve yet to install the update but I do know I had performance issues with Cubase 8 that were not address in 8.0.10.

Have these been sorted at all ?

I’ve never had to increase my buffer size to more than 256 samples when doing any project in 7.5 and yet I have to increase to 1024 samples now for some projects now when using 8. Something is really amiss !

Have you flashed your Bios with the latest version? This did wonders for me whilst using 8.0.10. Also making sure every driver was up to date and having everything cleanly installed was no doubt a help. In regards to the .20 update, I am going to install it later so can’t say if it has improved performance.


I’ll check my MB bios but those types of things really are specific to each motherboard. I’m not even sure there is a new bios out and if it doesn’t address any issues that affect Cubase there is probably no point in risking it.

How do you ‘‘flash your BIOS with the latest version’’ please… :slight_smile:

The computer manufacturer (or motherboard manufacturer, if it is a custom built machine) should have a download or support site with the latest BIOS version. It will probably just be an executable file that, when run, updates the BIOS.
Many PCs come with a “service tool” or “check-up” tool that checks for BIOS and device driver updates for you.

so does that mean I should put the motherboard disc into the computer and use that because I have no idea where the exe file is…if there is one :confused: :confused:

I don’t know what the “motherboard disc” is or what it does. If it came with the computer or motherboard, then, most likely, it has the Windows drivers for the motherboard devices. It probably would not have an updated BIOS because they would most likely have already shipped the board with the most up-to-date BIOS that was available. As I said, if there is an executable BIOS updater available, it would be downloaded from the support website for the board or computer manufacturer.
Kevin… To be perfectly honest, and I mean this sincerely, based on the amount of trouble you seem to have with computers, etc., I wouldn’t recommend fooling with the BIOS. If not done properly, it will most likely PERMANENTLY damage the motherboard at the worst or, at the least, require the motherboard to be returned to the factory to be re-flashed, which would probably be very expensive.

I recommend seeing if the machine has some kind of utility that checks for BIOS or driver updates for you (most name brand machines have a built in utility like this). Or, perhaps, take it to the Geek Squad.

If you give more information about the machine or motherboard, we might be able to help you find the appropriate BIOS update, if there is one.

Lastly, I doubt a BIOS update would be responsible for all the issues you have been experiencing. It is most likely at the Windows driver level, or just conflicts with plug-ins.

Hi Jaslan, really apreciate you taking the time…thanks…
since I updated to CP8.10 all my probs have gone…I have no issues with Cubase at all now…I would like to keep up with stuff though regarding my puter and , as you are aware…I just don’t get on with em!!

I have a P67-11 motherboard, I’ve been to their site but just can’t make head nor tail of it :confused: :confused:

would be great to have something that updated it when I clicked on it… :slight_smile:

can’t the utillity you mention…

cheers, Kevin

Just found this…regarding my BIOS
American Megatrends inc P100 4/2/2011

so I’m way out of date!!

How do you flash the BIOS? Well, I shall roughly explain how to do it but you will have to find out about your own Motherboard and Bios (I have UEFI Bios with my Asus P8P67 Pro Mobo) as things are no doubt slightly different. I went to the Asus Website and found my Motherboard. I then went to my Mobo Drivers and downloads and looked under the Bios Tab (there are many, for example, chipset, Bluetooth, Sata, etc). I then downloaded the Bios Rom file. Once downloaded, I used an empty USB Pen and put it on the Pen. Then I restarted Windows (with the USB Pen inserted in to my PC) and during startup, loaded the Bios. Then within the Bios there is a Flash Utility for my Asus Motherboard and I pointed the search to my USB Pen and it detected my Bios was massively out of date. It updated (took a few minutes) and then when back in Windows (and after optimising Win 8.1 for Audio Production), Spiking had pretty much disappeared within Cubase.

Here’s a link to optimising Win 8.1 Although I don’t know what you’re using so it may or may not help)


I then made sure everything else was up to date, every driver, every Windows Update, even cleanly installing Win 8.1 on a brand new SSD. Everything (for me) is working like a charm. Before I realized my Bios was out of date I had a lot of CPU Spiking. In fact Cubase was really unstable. I’m sure most of the problems people experience with Cubase is down to human error because I don’t experience hardly any of the “bugs” people talk about. Some issues remain but the 8.0.20 is great so far! :slight_smile:

Good luck on your quest

+1. Same thing I did to update BIOS on my Z97 extreme 4.

Just a note, the ‘chipset’ driver for W7 64-bit also stopped some dropouts I was having even after the BIOS flash. Even Media Player was having intermittent half second drops in audio output. Weird.

All good now.

Cheers, Jono… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry for being OT, but when i read this i am glad to use a MAC, really…
I want to make music and not being PC tech head.
This is for me definitely worth the extra $ i did spend for my MAC.

:sunglasses: Please No MAC vs PC discussion now. :sunglasses:



Wish I could afford to go “there” but things work for me so sod that! As you were…

Great technique here…
Start a discussion, make your arguments, and then immediately end the discussion. Case closed!

so if were not having a discusion I’ve heard that macs have built in obsolesance …ie you can’t upgrade them…is this true? :confused:
if so …glad I aint got a mac… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
if not true…wish I had a mac… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: