8.0.20 problem

When I load project all is fine till I open inspector. If I choose racks I receive serious error message. When I click ok I can continue but the racks are missing. After I close cubase I can only restart using safe mode. If I revert back to 8.010 all is fine. Any ideas would be appreciated . thanks

searched the forum and found this topic. I am suffering the exact same thing. have only started to experience this in the 8.0.20 update.

it will do it in old projects, new projects. basically i cant see the racks anymore and generate an error when trying to do so. it will generate a .dmp (crash dump) file using the “set up window layout” method or selecting the pre-defined work space that includes the racks

Win 7, 64 bit

i still have the issue mentioned above, can anyone offer some help?

also, i have just discovered that i get the same error when i hit F11 or try to access the instrument rack from the devices drop down menu.

basically, any attempt/method to access the instrument rack will cause the error message and is now not accessible on my system .

I too am experiencing the F11 “serious problem” error after updating to 8.02. So far everything else seems in order. I’d appreciate some advice.

restart Windows > restart Cubase 8.02 64 bit > momentary total black Steinberg Hub dialog box > create empty project > Devices > VST Instruments > error

Same thing with F11

If I start in safe mode disabling preferences, I get “Cubase 8 has stopped working, close program”

The only thing I can think of is the updated Groove Agent 4SE causing the problem but I don’t know how to disable or remove it.

gaj55 maybe it would be a good idea to rename this topic 8.0.20 F11 VST Instr. “serious error” problem

Problem solved. Thanks SteveT. Scroll to the bottom - http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=81266&p=460791&hilit=f11#p460791

that is awesome, fixed my issue.

have some thanks :slight_smile: