8.0.20.update - Eucon out of date?

Hi Guys,

After updating Cubase now states that my eucon adaptor is out of date…however, there is no new eucon adaptor on the SB site…what gives?



Not sure what to suggest but I’m not having any Eucon problems, with an Avid S3.

Which version of the Eucontrol software are you using, of I may ask? (not the adaptor but Eucon itself?)

The latest version (3.2.2)

Just as a very vague stab in the dark, have you got the latest firmware on your controllers (what controller are you using by the way?)

It’s been my experience in the past that you have to explicitly tell the Cubase updater to also update the EuCon adapter!

Run the Cubase updater again, and then highlight the EuCon adapter and select reinstall… or something like that!

I haven’t made the jump to 8.0.20 yet, so I don’t know if that updater will give you the option to reinstall the EuCon adapter, or not…but give it a try!

I do know that the EuCon adapter is something supplied by Steinberg, and not AVID… and a more recent EuCon adapter is what Cubase is asking for!


I don’t think there’s any specific options for Eucon on this update. I looked out for exactly that when I was running the 8.0.2 installer and didn’t notice anything and as I said, my Eucon is running fine.

Yea… there may not be, which is why I qualified my statement! :wink:

Another possible scenario is that if the OP never updated his version of the EuCon adapter when he upgraded to Cubase 8, which he would just need to run the original Cubase 8 installer… and then update the EuCon adapter from there.


Yes, sounds like a good explanation.

I dipped my toe into the water and updated to Cubase Pro 8.0.20… and now have first hand information regarding this subject!

Cubase Pro 8.0.20 now requires you to have the latest version of EuControl installed on your computer, or the EuCon adapter will not engage! :imp:

What this means for me is that I no longer have the option to use an earlier iteration of EuControl that offers the functionality that I like!

Specifically… the Shift + Fader = return to 0dB on the Artist Mix, which has been broken by AVID since EuControl ver. 3.1.! :frowning:

Now… I would like to know what is different in the EuCon adapter that requires the use of the latest EuControl, because I cannot see any difference in the way the AVID controllers interface with Cubase!!

I would hate to think this was done on purpose to wean us off of the AVID controllers in favor of another option… like maybe the Nuage! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Anyhow… if you want to use the AVID EuCon Controllers… you will need to be using the latest EuControl version, which is a bit of a bummer! :frowning:


Now the VU doesn’t work most of the time…

It would be quite optimistic to expect the owner of an Avid Artist setup to spend 20,000+ Euros changing to a Nuage just because the ‘Shift + Fader Returns to 0dB’ function was broken! :slight_smile:

I have an Avid S3 currently and actually that feature works fine. Shame that’s not the case on the Artists.

Yea…you’re right! I’m just venting! :wink:

Flexibility has always been one of my favorite attributes of the AVID / EuCon / Steinberg marriage… but as it would seem, I was a bit caught off guard by the post nuptial! :slight_smile:

Yea… I also have an Artist Control, and the function works as expected!

I could just roll back to Cubase 8.0.10 and be happy, or just accept the nature of marketing disguised as progress!

Anyhow… still lots of flexibility! :mrgreen: