8.0.20 update fails to install

I get a 1603 error when installing the 8.0.20 update. I am using Cubase 8 Pro on Win7 Pro x64. After finishing the update, the detailed update screen (showing which parts of Cubase have been updated) also confirms that the update to 8.0.20 for Cubase failed.

I would suggest uninstalling Cubase Pro 8, then reinstalling. Be sure that you choose the option to “Install for All Users”. Then, reinstall Cubase Pro 8 from the Complete Installer from your MySteinberg account. I would suggest downloading the update for 8.0.20 again also, and then installing that update. Do you have the same problem then?

HI Crhis, thanks for your reply! In the meantime I’ve done as you said. Uninstalled Cubase 8 (and 6, which was also still installed). Then reinstalled Pro 8 and the update 8.0.20, which now installed fine. I did check the option ‘for all users’. But now I am experiencing extreme ASIO spikes, giving me very choppy audio. I don’t have this problem in PT11. Do you have any ideas what could be triggering this? I used to run Cubase extremely smoothly without any hassle until yesterday.

In Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, what is your ASIO driver? What is your input latency?

Hi, I forgot to follow up on this thread because as mysteriously as the dropouts came, they were gone the next day. And I didnt change a thing. Go figure…