8.0.3 Project window inactive after using Audio Editor windo


I’ve reported this issue with Cubase losing focus after using Editor windows and Audio Export window previously and you guys have done marvelous job fixing the focus issue after Audio Export window is used.

But, in Cubase 8.0.3 the issue still remains: after Audio Editor is opened and closed, the Project window is not active. I also have Mixer 1 window and Video window opened on the second screen, and possibly one of them becomes active after I close Audio Editor window, but I have no way to tell if the Mixer of Video windows become activated.

Regardless what window becomes active after Audio Editor window is closed, it doesn’t matter because Project window is the one that must be active after any Editor window (or any other Cubase window) is closed.

Please fix this, because when you open Audio editor five thousand time per day and then close it and hit a key commend in order to perform some sort of command for the Project window and it does nothing and you hit the key command again and again and nothing happens and then you realize that you forgot that Project window now doesn’t get activated and you click somewhere in Project window to activate it and then hit the key command again - that’s just not a very productive process for a composer/producer and it’s really frustrating thing that happens continuously now throughout the day and breaks the otherwise very fast work flow.

Thank you so much!


This actually happens after ANY editor is opened and closed in Cubase 8.0.3.

Still behaves the same way as I’ve described above in Cubase Pro 8.5.

I can confirm this.

My observation is, that it only happens if you have a video window set to fullscreen. So at any time, you open and close an editor, the focus seems to be switching to the fullscreen video “window” (although you will not notice, because in fullscreen this window has no title bar).

Quite annoying little thing.

My current workaround is to keep the video in windowed mode and resize it manually. Not very elegant solution, but at least the project window is kept in focus.

Cubase Pro 8.5.10 64bit, Windows 10 64bit, nVidia GPU.

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Well, in my case this happens when the Video is in window-mode (not maximized) is on the second monitor.

Same behaviour here on Windows 7 and Cubase 8.5.1.