8.0.30 Bars and Beats Time Display Still Not Fixed

faulty time display 01.png
the bars and beats time display is different now but broken in a different way. before when resizing, all of the numbers were contained within the box but they were jittery and unreadable. now the numbers are not resizing properly and are partially hidden by the display box.

also, there used to be a size limit on the box. now you can fill the whole screen with the time display. not really a problem in itself but i just thought it might be related. when displaying seconds it appears that it is working properly.
faulty time display 01.png
faulty time display 02.png

You’re right!

Didn’t notice it 'cause I read all that off my MCU, which has been fixed in the update.

However, I noticed that if you give the onscreen box a certain aspect ratio - that is, reduce it’s vertical size (height) - the numbers will show correctly.
It seems it’s jumping to a larger font to soon.