8.0.5 update (mac) download still available?

I just installed C8.0 on mac and am testing it out, I’d like to update to 8.0.5 before going to 8.0.10 to test as some users reported issues introduced with 8.0.10 that were not there with 8.0.5. and would like the ability to downgrade if this happens to me, problem is I can no longer find 8.0.5 download on Stienberg’s site.

Thanks, Stephen

I might be missing something, but I figured it was on the Steiny FTP site. Look as I may there are no updates available starting around the 7.x version of Cubase… That is pretty lame!

You likely have been there but if not perhaps you could hunt around on the FTP server to see if you can find it.
Index of ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/

Thanks for replying but after digging around there for a bit I can only confirm what you found, nothing available for Cubase 7 or 8

oh well

I find it hard to believe that there are not archive files of the incremental updates. Maybe they are somewhere else? I would try Steiny tech support as they will either have em or can point you to where then are. Failing that, there might be someone taking a look at your thread that has the file… and can PM you and email it or something to you.

I had my DAW up and looked around my download folders to see if by chance I had snagged it but all I had was 8.0.
Good Luck!

Hi, I’ve got the 8.05 update…if you want it pm me,

Kevin :slight_smile:

PM sent, thanks

Where does it say ppl r having trouble with 8.0.10? I’m still on 8.05…been building another workstation so I’m a bit distracted these past couple weeks.

Can someone post a link?


Perhaps I’m being extra careful but after reading this thread I thought it would be a good idea to update incrementally and have the ability to roll back if I run into problems

IMHO very smart and wise approach; if it can be done

Good Luck!

Anybody have a mac version of 8.0.5 update out there?

Shadowfax tried to help me out but had the windows update and steinberg has yet to respond to me

Thanks. Stephen