8.020 is messing up... 8.010 download?

8.020 causing a lot of issues for me, where can I find 8.010 ? I looked everywhere on the website…

Steinberg only provides the latest full version and the latest update for download. If you use windows you can just uninstall the 8.0.20 update to get back to 8.0.10. Go to system control/programs and switch on show updates there.

thanks buddy, cheers

where can I find 8.010 ? I looked everywhere on the website…

You bring up a good point. Steinberg used to be pretty diligent about posting released versions in their FTP site (ftp.steinberg.net) but pretty much stopped after Cubase 6. Why they stopped doing this is beyond me. If they no longer plan to keep the ftp site current (and it sure looks that way) then, at the very least, I think they should make a sticky at the top of this forum listing the download locations for everything going back to C8.0.0 (and a similar sticky on the C7 and Older Versions forum).

However, you’re in luck. In a thread much farther down on this forum, Fabio Bartolini posted this: