8.1.10 crashed my installation

Running the installer crashes on my Win10 machine after finishing the eLicenser. “Updater has stopped working, hang on while … Microsoft blah blah”.
Now Nuendo 8.1 won’t start anymore, and the updater claims that no Nuendo 8 installation was found.

Does anyone know where the original (full) installer is? I can’t find it in the download section anymore.

You can download N8 from your MySteinberg account.


Hi Fredo,
thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’ve realized this, and will now wait until Steinberg processes my eLicenser registration request. I should have kept the installer after the initial download :frowning:

I don’t seem to understand what’s going on.
You were running N8, so you have a valid elicenser for N8.
You have the initial N8 installer in your account.
The update is also available.

Why and what for do you need to wait for Steinberg?


Because the license is bound to another (2008 a.d. or something) account and Nuendo itself has never been registered. It just worked.
Admittedly, there is one thing I don’t understand either: Where did I download the full installer from after the purchase of N8? Questions over questions.
Don’t sweat it. Next project here starts in three days, so there’s plenty of time.

Found it. Seems I had quite a lot of different accounts for no particular reason. And indeed, never registered anything but the eLicenser.
Thanks again for taking your time!

If anyone else faces the same problem with the crashing and -thus- harmful installer: Do not run it directly, but extract the archive beforehand. It will then work as expected. Seem to be an issue with user permissions on the “Temp” folder here.