8.2.10 Pre/Post Fader Send Behavior Reversed

  1. Assign an audio track to a send.
  2. Pull down the volume automation for that track to zero
  3. Flip the send from Post to Pre fader and listen.
  4. Behavior is reversed. The Pre-fader sends silence. Post fader sends audio.

Mac 10.13.5
Nuendo 8.2.10

Are you sure you’re not just confused by the colors? They were changed. Simply go into your appearance prefs and change them to how you’re used to seeing them.

Have a look at this:


Steinberg suddenly swapped the color designation for Pre or Post fader to their opposites?!

In what way could that possibly be a good idea?! That was a mistake, right? That’s being corrected, right?

As mentioned, simply set the colors to what you want.

I know. Beats me too!

This was one of the first traps I stumbled into after my recent update to NU8. Silly move. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. It was intentional in order to match the pre/post colours of the inserts rack. And you can change them to what you want.