8.2 breaks BM Mini Monitor 4k output

The BM DeckLink Mini Monitor 4k output no longer works as Video Player output setting (unlike 8.1). Now only Onscreen Window. The recent Cubase 9.5.3 update continues to use the BM output correctly

Have you tried re-installing the BM desktop video? BM recommends you always re-installing after you update or install new DAW


Thanks, yes I have. Continues to work with Resolve, Premier, Pro Tools.

Hi guys, curious if you got this resolved. I’m about to buy a DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K card and hope this is working.

The Blackmagic Design Decklink Mini Monitor 4K works perfectly on my system, and I’m on Mac.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Thank you, I forgot to mention I’m on Windows. I’ll probably just buy one anyway since it will be useful for other apps. If it works (or doesn’t work) with Nuendo/Cubase, I’ll report back.

FYI, still the same here, latest versions of Nuendo [& Cubase]; latest version of BM Decklink drivers. Clean install of Nuendo, then clean install of the BM drivers. No change, still presents no picture & needs to use the onboard video playback. This happened with the Nuendo 8.3 update, while Cubase 8.5 was still OK. Then Cubase broke this with v10.

On the Mac’s version of the BlackMagic driver, there are some settings which can be set wrong, with a black video playback as a result…this also counts for the settings in the “external video”-dialogue of Nuendo…maybe something goes wrong there?