8.2 Media Bay crashes


I have just updated to 8.2 and have so far encountered two issues.

  1. The media bay crashes when I want to scan my sound library. This happens every time, so I cannot use the media bay at all at the moment.
  2. A project that was saved in 8.1 crashes every time I want to open it in 8.2

I am on a early 2009 Mac Pro with El Capitan



Hey Max
Is just Mediabay crashing or Nuendo? I encountered Nuendo crashes when working with Mediabay. Do you use flac as file format? There seems to be a bug with flac files and I guess that’s why my 8.1.10 sessions are crashing.

Hey Robert,

Nuendo crashes when I scan my library. I don’t have any flac files in there though. I have been using Nuendo on this computer for years and never had any major problems. Media Bay worked well with all the other version, including Nuendo 8.1. And that was the same sound library.

I can scan the library and open the older session on another computer btw. So something is incompetible with Nuendo 8.2 and this Mac Pro. Will have to buy a new computer soon. This time I am definitely back to Windows.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to donwload 8.1 anymore. So I cannot go back to that.

Best wishes,


You can download 8.1.10 here: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Nuendo_8/8.1.10/Nuendo_8.1.10_Update_mac.dmg

I had to trash the prefs before 8.1.10 would work after downgrading. Hope that works for you.


That is great, thank you!

Best wishes,


8.2.10 fixed the Mediabay crashes for me and I can now open sessions with flac files, so I finally can use 8.2

So I have now updated to the latest version and now I cannot choose any folders to scan anymore. Looks like in the attachment. Does anyone know why that might be?

It seems like, now I cannot even go back. I have uninstalled Nuendo 8.2.1 and gone back to 8.1, but Nuendo still does not find any hard drives. Media Bay is broken. Nuendo 7 still finds everything though. Does anyone has an idea why that might be?

OK, I completly uninstalled Nuendo 7 and 8 and have now installed the latest Nuendo 8, and everything seems to work now. Looks like some file got corrupted during the previous install process.

To find media-files that might cause a crash, you can activate a debugging feature by creating a folder “safeScan” in the preferences folder. After a crash you will get a dialog pointing to the media-file that has been scanned while the crash occurred. You will then be able to add the file to an exception list. But be aware that this could be misleading information, so if the crash happened in a different part of the application, and just by chance while a media file is being scanned, the file will also be listed.

You can also provide a crash-dump here, via cloud, or try and attach it here.

Thanks Joerg, it is all working now. But I will keep that in mind should it crash again in the future.