8.3.10: plugins not really ON (even if looking ok) after insert

hi all,

having the following problem since yesterday’s update to 8.3.10: inserting whatever type and brand of plugin, it looks like the plug would be on, but it is not in reality; i have to switch it off and on again to make it work.
first time i ever see this.
mac-user here.

…precision: if i insert some more plugs in an existing setup, some of the already loaded and working plugs get switched off again, even if they seem to be on.


Please tell me you are kidding

…oliver, i’d really wished i would…
i have been part of many beta-teams over the two last decades (also in the early days of nuendo), and it seems that this kind of s… always rains down on me alone.

Working fine on the Mac side for me , tried several different 3rd party plug ins and all behaving like they should.

I will test this out later today. I had a problem with Softube VST3 plugins for a while where they appeared OFF but were actually ON. Softube came out with a fix a few months later, but that was a huge PITA. I would disable a bunch of unused plugins and after exporting, I would listen back and find that they were ON.
If this is happening on a global basis, that would be very bad.